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MHICAS Terms and Conditions

All users of the mhicas.org website must accept the following terms of usage, disclaimers, and conditions:

  1. The information available on www.mhicas.org is collected from many sources that Datacomp and MHI deem reliable but neither the sources nor the information have been verified. Neither MHI nor Datacomp warrants or guarantees the accuracy of the information provided on the website for any purpose whatsoever.
  2. In no event shall MHI or Datacomp be liable for any injury, damages, or any other claim or cause of action to any person or party related to the use of any information provided by the website.
  3. All information provided by the website and in all CAS reports is provided on a "license to view" basis only. All information that you provide to the website, to the best of your knowledge, is correct, accurate, up-to-date, and provided voluntarily. All information available on the website is the copyrighted property of MHI and may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or in any way, electronic or otherwise, without the prior written authorization of MHI. All Rights have been reserved.
  4. Your name, IP address, the exact time of your CAS information submission, and other information will be recorded along with your submission for our records.

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