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What is CAS?

CAS stands for Community Attributes System. The CAS consists of community attribute information including:

  1. Over 75 distinct community attributes such as current and past site rent, home ages, community amenities, recreational facilities, total sites, etc.
  2. Photos of the community's facilities, streetscapes, and typical homes.
  3. Information on current homes for sale and recently closed sales transactions within the community compliments of mhvillage.com, the Internet's largest manufactured home listing site where members of MHI and State Associations may list their homes at absolutely no charge.

The primary purpose of the CAS is to provide lenders and appraisers a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to view the attributes of the manufactured housing communities where homes are being sited in order to improve lending on homes in these communities. The system is designed to gather and record a set of uniform and objective information about communities with no attempt to score, rate, categorize, or classify communities in any way. A goal of the system is to eliminate the subjective patchwork of systems currently being employed throughout the industry. The CAS database is available to approved lenders, appraisers, and members of MHI and state manufactured housing associations.

Download the CAS FAQ in PDF or Word format.

Download the CAS Data Entry Form in PDF format.

View a sample CAS Report in on screen.

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